Marine upholstery is designed to be functional yet asthetically attractive.  Boats are hard on their upholstery due to the constant exposure to sun and UV rays. Mildew and Chemicals can also have an deteriorating effect on upholstery. 

Tow & Stow Dry Marina can repair or replace your boat's upholstery. We use high quality marine grade vinyl that is UV and mildew resistant. Available in a wide assortment colors and textures, we can closely match almost any existing materials. We also replace base materials made of wood, plastic, or foam where needed. Carpets, seats, canvas covers and tops, window panels, dashboards, or multimedia device covers are not a problem. 

In some cases the vinyl can even be repaired, a small but delicate task that can easily remove a small cut or tear in the upholstery. In nearly all cases, there is no evidence that a repair was even made. Let us show you how we can make that damaged upholstery go away!