Customers Drop-in  
Power Polish $15/ft $18/ft Additional $2/ft for cabin cruisers
Cut Polish $20/ft $22/ft Additional $2/ft for cabin cruisers
Acid Wash (on trailer) $14/ft $16/ft Additional $2/ft for cabin cruisers
Exterior Wash $4/ft $6/ft Additional $2/ft for cabin cruisers

Silver Detail *
(add $125 for acid wash)

$12/ft $14/ft Exterior Wash, Windows Cleaned, Interior Wipe Down, Vacuum
Gold Detail *
(add $125 for acid wash)
$16/ft $18/ft Silver Detail + Scrub & Condition Seats, Arm Rests, Inside Cubbies, Cushions, and Trims, Vacuum & Steam Clean Carpets and Inside Cubbies, Trailer Wash & Tire Dressing
Platinum Detail * ~
(add $125 for acid wash)
$30/ft $32/ft Gold Detail + Chrome Polish & Exterior Power Polish

* $4/ft additional for Cabin Cruisers   ~ $10/ft for additional Cut Polish ($12/ft for Cabin Cruisers)

1. It is the customers responsibility to have gear removed prior to detail. A surcharge of $30 will be applied if detailers need to do this.
2. If boat is extremely dirty, costs above do not apply and a quote will be given
3. All prices shown exclude GST/PST. Prices subject to Change without notice