Why use Kelowna's Boat Storage - Tow and Stow Dry Marina?

What happens when winter comes?

When cold weather and winter approach, you may wonder where to store your boat and how. Also you may need to know what you need to do to winterize your boat, to ensure that when spring rolls back around your boat is in perfect working order. There are many options for you to consider, but Tow and Stow Dry Marina in West Kelowna Okanagan Valley is truly the answer before the cold weather hits you and your boat.

Safe and secure heated indoor boat storage located conveniently in West Kelowna

The benefits of indoor boat storage are immense:

  • Indoor boat storage reduces UV light deterioration of gel coat and canvas, allowing your boat to retain its value much longer.
  • By storing your boat indoors, it ensures a greater resale value through superior upkeep and protection from the elements. Give your outdoor toy that " ALWAYS GARAGED LOOK ".
  • Dry boat storage eliminates marine growth to hulls and corrosion to outdrives.
  • Secure boat storage prevents storm damage, theft, and vandalism.
  • No trailering hassles, less stress, more relaxation & fun!

Tow and Stow has year round boat storage. We will pull your boat out of the water and will they put your boat back into the water when spring rolls around. This is important if you rent a dock slip at a marina. Some marinas will even include storage fees if you rent a slip from them! The cost of this ranges depending on what type of storage you want.



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